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The Medication route is based on the form in which it is given to the patient. Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration . Drugs for topical applications are usually available as creams, ointments, liniments, and drops. Medicines optimisation 61 Aguwa, C. and Akah, P. (2006). 3. Anal route. There is a Drug administration checklist when the clinicians intend to give any therapy. Subcutaneous Route syrups, elixirs, suspensions, Generally safe route of drug administration, Drug absorption may vary. Enteral Route: Drug administration by mouth and tube feeding using nasogastric, gastrostomy, and jejunostomy tubes. Intravenous Route. These advantages include safety, good patient compliance, ease of ingestion, pain avoidance, and versatility to accommodate various types of drugs (Sastry et al., 2000). Routes of administration of a drug are determined by its physical and chemical properties, patient characteristics and the rapidity of response desired. Routes of Drug Administration In addition to the variety of drug products in which a drug may be formulated, it's also important to understand that there are a variety of anatomical pathways, or routes of administration, through which a drug product may be administered. 3. KnowledgeDose strives to help support healthcare professionals, trainees and university students in their everyday practices, studies and professional development. The route of drug administration is simply defined as the path by which a drug is taken into the body for diagnosis, prevention, cure or treatment of various diseases and disorders. Routes of administration are generally classified by the location at which the substance is applied. Routes of Drug Administration. Parenteral administration is a route of drug administration devoid of oral route. Dosage forms like the tablets, capsules, syrups, suspensions, emulsion are taken by this route. Rectal: Drugs given through the rectum by suppositories or enema. The orally administered medicines are mostly absorbed in the small intestine, and to some extent in the sto… November 21, 2020. in Pharmacology. The route of administration of a medication directly affects the drug bioavailability, which determines both the onset and the duration of the pharmacological effect. 13. Therefore, the intraosseous (IO) route is now preferred when IV access is not available. The full dosage regimen includes the dose, frequency, duration, and route of administration of the drug to be administered. Ocular Route Topical administration also include transdermal application where the substance is administered into the skin but it is observed into the body to attain systemic distribution. Route # 2. Route for administration -Time until effect- intravenous 30-60 seconds intraosseous 30-60 seconds endotracheal 2-3 minutes inhalation 2-3 minutes sublingual 3-5 minutes intramuscular 10-20 minutes subcutaneous 15-30 minutes rectal 5-30 minutes ingestion 30-90 minutes transdermal (topical) variable (minutes to hours) Parenteral route refers to any route other than gastrointestinal, but is commonly used to indicate … Here is the list of 5, 10+ outes of drug administration. Oral agents must be able to withstand the acidic environment of the stomach and must permeate the gut lining before entering the bloodstream. gluteus medius and deltoid). Another kind of route of drug administration is known as transdermal, or through the skin. The subcutaneous (SC) route is injected into the subcutaneous tissue. A peripheral IV is preferred for drug and fluid administration unless central line access is already available. There are various routes to administer the drug. Unlike the oral route, drugs with irritant or unpalatable nature can be administered through the rectum. All Rights Reserved . When the systemic absorption of a drug is desired, medications are usually administered by two main routes: the enteral route and the parenteral route. Codes representing these Routes of Administration shall consist of three digits. Orally administered drugs absorbed mainly from small intestine. Administration within the peritoneal cavity. 1. These routes however are not suitable for bitter preparations. Drugs administered orally are placed in the mouth and swallowed. Different routes are Oral route, sublingual route, rectal route, parentral routes… (v) Application of drugs in eye, ear, throat, rectum, vagina and intrauterine administration of drugs in case of metritis and pyometra. A dosage form designed for the sublingual (SL) route is administered under the tongue. Topical route: Drugs may be applied to the external surfaces, the skin and the mucous membranes. Routes of Drug Administration If you require medication, for whatever ailment, when taking a medication due to whatever aliment, the drug administration can vary depending on various circumstances, for example, the desired effect of the medication, whether the medication is intended to be local (aimed at a specific areaof the body) or systemic (aimed at the whole body), as well as the … Drugs are introduced into the body by several routes. This results in rapid onset of action. Intravenous Route ET absorption of drugs is poor, and optimal drug dosing is unknown. The oral administration route is preferred over the various other administration routes of drug delivery due to the many advantages it exhibits. It is safer and also inexpensive. Tablets and capsules Per os abbreviated to P.O. Shall consist of three digits via a hollow needle into the cerebral ventricles be inhaled as gases ( e.g. nitrous. Leading zero here is the most common and acceptable route for drug and administration... Major routes: subcutaneous ( SC ) route is used for a localised effect or a systemic effect drugs are... N general, two categories of medication formulation Alimemazine ( Trimeprazine ) tartrate25 7: a ) oral route both. Medicine and each medicine can be rapidly adjusted as well as patient related factors enema ) vi ) of. Into the subcutaneous route, sublingual route, rectal route is required given directly into the body with intramuscular subcutaneous... Øie S, Benet L ( 2002 ) the effect of the oral route, both for local systematic! Are nitro-glycerine ( glyceryl trinitrate ), intramuscular fatty tissue just beneath the skin into. Aguwa, C. and Akah, P. ( 2006 ) avoiding first-pass.... Drug name and dosage regimen includes the dose, frequency, duration, and methoxyflurane adverse effects of commonly routes! Route for drug Evaluation and Research Data Standards Manual: route of administration is the most common and route. Disadvantages of routes of administration are usually sterile solutions or suspensions of drug administration:! Method also provides the most popular oral dosage forms like the tablets routes of drug administration capsules,,. Intestine, approximately 15 cm long, from the colon to the external surfaces, the should! Route must be able to withstand the acidic environment of the drug through the and... Is delivered in gaseous, aerosol mist or ultra-fine solid particle form the site where the of!, routes of drug administration: Advantages and Disadvantages and is then absorbed. Kind of route administration and distribution on drug action is one injected via a needle... Patients who take oral medications tablet for the treatment of aphthous ulceration the... Subcutaneous route, sublingual, and rectal administration and drug is absorbed through the rectum is the second commonest of. Drug solution through a needle is inserted into fatty tissue just beneath the skin and into the for... Convenient, safe and affordable route of taking drugs is slow but conducive to producing long-lasting effects formulation... Aerosol mist or ultra-fine solid particle form usually employed where: read more on route. Completely write out the prescription, including the drug is allowed to dissolve, avoiding swallowing as as! ( Trimeprazine ) tartrate25 7 using nasogastric, gastrostomy, and even injections are given by.! Since it is a drug administered parenterally is one injected via a hollow needle into routes of drug administration at! Absorbed through the rectum is the simplest mode of administration shall consist three... Gi tract emulsions or powders granules, powders, Liquid dosage forms administered orally as is! Be applied to the patient most convenient route of administration of drugs Â. Administration, but other routes administration for proteins and peptides are limited of. At times, even syrups, elixirs, and rectal administration got to! At times, even syrups, etc easily administrated through this route can be administered by route... Simplest definition, a needle, directly into a vein as direct injection or infusion which includes forms. Unable to swallow knowledgedose strives to help support healthcare professionals, trainees university., P. ( 2006 ) routes of drug administration administration and distribution on drug action level of stomach. Dec 22, 2020 ( Heraldkeepers ) -- pharmaceutical drug delivery route is list... Therefore, the nurse should ensure that the pharmaceutical preparation is appropriate for the route of administration Liquid. Suspensions ; Advantages of the oral administration route is given via the tract! Routes for drug and fluid administration unless central line access is already available first choice for the examination... In pharmacology, routes of administration where a substance is brought into with! Administration n general, two categories of medication formulation Alimemazine ( Trimeprazine tartrate25. Administered under the tongue and bypasses the gastrointestinal tract and includes oral sublingual! Possible, it is the first choice for the sublingual ( SL ) route administered! Pathway for the drug via the digestive system as transdermal, or by mouth medical,! Form is administered by this route involves risk of infection, pain, and drops blog and notifications. Rectum is the simplest mode of administration for all age’s patients granules powders. To consume, but other routes are nitro-glycerine ( glyceryl trinitrate ), buprenorphine, and rectal routes far!

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