Introducing Café Lingua

Ciao!  I am Giulia, a bi-lingual Anglo-Italian teacher of Italian and French, with a BA in Italian/French, an MA in Modern French Literature… and a lifelong passion for language-learning.


How Café Lingua began In 2014, after teaching for 30 years at all levels, in colleges, sixth forms and independent schools, I decided to start up some informal coffee & chat groups for adult learners which focused more on developing students’ fluency and confidence in speaking, the most important skill required for their trips to Italy, and often the most neglected in the conventional languages classroom.  Since then, it’s been full steam ahead!

Now, the Chiacchiere e Caffè groups are very popular, (and often over-subscribed!), as most of our members come simply to chat without pressure in a relaxed and friendly setting over a good espresso or cappuccino! Most participants find that the sessions are a useful and practical add-on to the classes we also run on different days, and feel that the twice-weekly exposure to the language really reaps rewards when they are travelling in Italy.

Private lessons and the benefits of karaoke

As a true languages aficionado (aficionada?!), I’d like to think that my enthusiasm is transmitted to my learners. What I most enjoy about teaching languages is thinking up strategies for improving speaking, and for making grammar more palatable to learners at all levels.

Most importantly, my passion for language-learning means that I spend most of my free time improving my Spanish and Portuguese, by reading articles and books, watching Netflix and C4 Walter Presents series, listening to podcasts and songs …and singing – one of the best ways to develop your confidence and have fun at the same time! (Watch this space for our next karaoke event!)

GCSE and A Level tuition  – Italian and French

I am also an experienced GCSE and A level examiner for two examining bodies, and have years of experience preparing students for these examinations. I can tailor my teaching to your personal needs and requirements, either as a stand-alone course requiring 2-4 hours per week or as an add-on to a school or college-taught course.

Fees range from £25-£32 per hour.

Please message me on the Contact page for more information.